Why it’s important to take your time…

Why it’s important to take your time…

Having a son with Autism has thought us a lot about how important it is to take your time and it has made us mindful of doing things at our little ones pace. 

After our beautiful boy was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder we wanted to get him as much help and support as possible. We brought him for regular speech and language and occupational  therapy but he wasn’t ready. When we got there he was upset. He didn’t understand what was going on or what these people wanted him to do.

We learnt to take a step back and do things at his pace. We stopped the regular therapy sessions until he was ready. We focused instead on understanding him and what he liked and building on his strengths. We learnt the importance of taking time and doing things at his pace. We started to look at ourselves and realized how we needed to slow down. We took time to process our son’s diagnosis and over time we also learnt to accept it. We found out about all are entitlements. We discovered our little one was entitled to a home tutor. 

We found a home tutor to work with our son. She was very gentle and kind. Not only was she very experienced with working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder she really connected with him. As our boy was just over two and half he was entitled to 10 hours  home tuition a week with a registered teacher. During this time she worked on his attention and focus. She also attended his Playschool with him and made simple changes to make his life a little easier. She helped with his transitions from one place to another which he found difficult. She gave us direction during a difficult time. 

Life can get so busy at times for everyone. Below are some of the reasons why we believe taking your time is so important. 

Take time to do things slowly and mindfully. To listen not to respond but to understand. To observe without judgement. To consume less and produce more. To be patient and generous. To understand everyone is different and will get there in their own time and pace.

Take time to take a moment to see the good, to remember the smiles, to remember the moments. To be grateful. To be thankful. To see the wonderful in this world. The more good you see, the more you will inspire others to see the good as well. It’s a ripple effect.