The impact of Covid-19 on mental health

The impact of Covid-19 on mental health

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on mental health especially for carers and parents of children with additional needs.

Parenting is challenging even under the best of circumstances let alone a Panademic.

There has been:

Mental exhaustion

Lack of respite – no breaks

Fear of our children regressing

Although the schools have done their best given the situation they were put in, the stress that was put on parents and the children has been huge.

We are relieved that the schools are finally being opened but with that relief comes the fear of the safety of our schools.

This is an additional stress – our children are going back into a school where everything has changed, and it will be stressful for them to access and walk around the building safely.

As the world seemed to be falling apart, it’s been our jobs to hold it all together.

Over the next few weeks we all just need to survive and take a deep breathe to get through this craziness… to settle into our new normal safely.

Remember to keep going, your doing great. Rest. Take another step. Praise yourself. Do what you need to do little by little. You got this.