Tayto Park

Tayto Park

Tayto Park is a Theme park in Ashbourne, Co Meath, Ireland and is a fab day out.

Tayto Park provides visitors with special needs discounted admission and their carer goes free. All information is currently available on their website. The website link is http://www.taytopark.ie

Below is the information to access the Special Needs Concession Prices as per their website.

Special Needs Concession Prices


Pricing & Tickets :Tayto Park offers a reduced entry rate of €12 and wristband at the reduced rate of €14. This rate is available to both adults and children with disabilities/special needs. Please note that documentation is required in order to avail of this rate. Accepted forms of documentation include but are not limited to IAA Autism ID card, or a named associated membership card, GP letter or hospital consultant letter etc. Please note Public service travel cards are not accepted independantly as documentation but are considered with supplementary documentaion.. For more information contact 01-8351999

1 accompanying carer may enter the Park free of charge (wristband not included) to assist the guest. If more than one carer is required, we are happy to provide all carers with free access to our park, if evidence (a headed letter or card) can be presented at the entrance kiosks.

Additional Needs Entrance: Please enter the Park via the member’s entrance on the left hand side of the admissions building

Seasonal Pass :   A carer of a guest with additional needs will be FOC on an entry only seasonal pass  If you wish to purchase a seasonal pass with wristbands, the carer will have entry FOC but will be charged the cost of the wristband. 

For more information, please visit our seasonal pass desk or contact us on 01835-1999

Information is on their website also regarding a ride access pass, which means queuing time is reduced for certain rides with this pass.