Special needs children’s toothbrush

Special needs children’s toothbrush

The Super white super brush

We had a positive experience with a toothbrush called the super white super brush. It was just what we needed at a time when we struggled to brush our son’s teeth due to sensory issues. 

We looked around and bought this off Amazon.

I’m sure there or other Toothbrushes that are just as good but in our experience this is what worked best for us. This toothbrush covers more surface than a regular tooth brush.

The description of the product as stated on there website is below.


The Superwhite toothbrush will brush your teeth from every side. Clinical studies have proven that the Superwhite Superbrush removes plaque 25% more efficiently than a conventional toothbrush.

Teeth are cleaned thoroughly from all sides at the same time. The short inner bristles clean the teeth. The long and soft outer bristles, angled at 45°, brush the neck of the tooth and the interdental spaces.

The colour of the toothbrush may vary from the picture shown.

Features & details

  • Particularly suitable for people with reduced motor skills.
  • For thoroughly cleaning your teeth.
  • Teeth are completely cleaned from all sides at the same time.