Five simple strategies that can help an autistic child with sensory challenges.

Five simple strategies that can help an autistic child with sensory challenges.

Studies have shown autistic children are calmer following interventions which reduces anxiety and increases opportunities to thrive and achieve in the overwhelming environment in which we now live.

 As well as a sensory diet, below are some simple strategies that can help with some sensory difficulties your child may face:

  1. For the child who is overwhelmed by excessive noise, try offering them ear defenders or allow then to use headphones with music whilst concentrating.
  2. The use of a quiet, calming room/space within the classrooms and at home are essential for calming. Use a pop up tent, blanket over a table. Add bean-bags, sensory toys etc.
  3. For children who want to chew, offer alternatives like chew toys, crunchy bread sticks or carrot sticks.
  4. For children who dislike having their teeth brushed, try a vibrating toothbrush, or a toothbrush that cleans all surfaces in one movement and use unflavoured toothpaste.
  5. For the child who cannot stay still, include regular movement breaks, lots of deep pressure and fidget toys..joint compressions may help.

An occupational Therapist is the best person to advise with any sensory challenges.

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