Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights

We survived what may have been one of the longest weeks of our lives. Whatever type of viral infection/cold our son had really affected his sinuses. His whole regulation and sensory system seemed out of synch. This made it so difficult for him to sleep and our days and nights just turned into one.

We are not afraid to say it…It was difficult and exhausting for the whole family. The fact he was unable to communicate what was wrong made it harder for us to know how to help him. At the beginning we were at a loss as how to soothe and calm him. We had never seen him so upset before.

We figured out bringing him for drives in the car calmed and relaxed drives in the early hours of the morning became the norm to give him relief at night time. During the day walks on the beach in his buggy seemed to clear both our heads. He wanted lots of movement. At home he wanted to be pushed around in his buggy.

With no sleep the days felt endless!

Our little man is back to himself again, thank god. The night time sleep is not yet back but it’s much improved. He seems much calmer and relaxed now.

Fingers crossed he starts to sleep through the night again soon.