Sensory-Book Review

Sensory-Book Review

Our next book review is about the book called ‘Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Signals’ Written by. Angie Voss, OTR. This book was recommended to us by our son’s occupational therapist. 

We would recommend this as a great book for anyone who wishes to understand their child’s sensory preferences. It’s actually useful for all kids but in particular those with sensory aversions or are sensory seekers.

Instead of having to read through a lengthy text to understand your child’s issues, this book is more like a “go-to” manual. Each page covers a different issue, in alphabetical order for easy flip-through reading, and it jumps right to the point: “My child does this, so XYZ is a great way to deal with it in a positive and loving way.”

There is also a website to visit that goes hand in hand with this great book.

Link to website is