Getting a private autism diagnosis

Getting a private autism diagnosis

Lots of parents have been in touch with us  looking for information as to how to get a private autism assessment in Ireland.

Due to long waiting times of the public system, parents are left waiting for long periods of time for an Autism diagnosis.  They feel lost and don’t know what to do in the meantime to help support their child.

We understand the period before an Autism diagnosis can be really stressful as you worry about your child. You need to know to find out what supports can help them. Parents are also spending hours searching the internet looking for answers.

Based on our experience of getting private  Autism assessment for our son below is some information we learnt that may help other parents when currently seeking a private autism assessment in Ireland.

There are many places that complete private Autism assessments but it is important that the Autism assessment is done by a multi-disciplinary team and is recognised by both the HSE and the Department of Education. This is key in order to get the correct supports.

If a child is already in the educational system a confirmed diagnosis of autism will allow you to access resource teaching hours and apply for an SNA (Special Needs Assistant) if one is required. You can begin to access services such as an appropriate educational placement or the Home Tuition Grant from the Department of Education.

A private diagnosis will also allow the parent(s) of the child to apply for such allowances as Domiciliary Care Allowance, CarersAllowance/Benifit and the Incapacitated Child Tax Credit.

Once you have received a confirmed diagnosis of autism, things should change on a practical level as well. Your child needs additional help so you can focus on getting that help.

For more information on the diagnosis process in general there is a helpful link on the ASIAM website on pursuing a diagnosis.