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    Hi, I’ve just come across this website and forum and was hoping to get some support…and advice from other parents who have just been given a diagnosis for their child..My now 5 year old dd has just been diagnosed as autistic….her traits are very subtle (lack of empathy and lack of focused play etc) she has had speech and language issues since she was 2 (even went through a phase of not talking at all).

    I’m a bit bewildered by the lack of support post diagnosis to be honest, we were given the diagnosis and then pretty much left to it with a list of contacts and signposts to follow up ourselves.

    I just wondered if anyone else is going through this at the moment. It all feels a little bit surreal.

    Should I tell her school ? Not sure if I should tell other people or not till I get my own head around it. Any help would be appreciated…thanks



    Hi Sarah, post-diagnosis was for me, overwhelming emotionally. I knew of my child’s difficulties, I suspected Autism but it still was a shock. I felt very overwhelmed.

    I shared with very few initially until I got my own head around it. I found writing on this forum helpful.
    I think the thing is to prioritise the issues.
    There is so much to take in with Autism; the speech, social skills, sensory processing, play skills, Education, movement issues, sleep, family implications..

    I would start with the Education stuff and claim any entitlements. I found the section on this website about entitlements helpful. Get the appropriate supports in place for her.
    Good luck



    Thank you duck2, knew i could rely on was his forum to get some support! The diagnosis team had said it was up to us whether we wanted to let the school know, but i’m in agreement with you and think we should start with education…will let the school know now to avoid any potential issues going forward.. Will check out the Entitlements too. Main issues at the moment are the speech and social side of things. No movement issues present and sleep is thankfully ok, once we can get her to sleep 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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