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    I don’t want to go into too much detail but it has been mentioned to me that my child is possibly showing some signs of Autism. I had some slight concerns before but I’m not too sure and to me he doesn’t seem too bad…but if he is compared to other toddlers his ages he might be delayed but I’m not 100% certain. There are probably 2 things that im concerned about is that he doesn’t always respond to his name and he doesn’t talk yet. Would be interested in what other parents who have a child diagnosed with Autism think.

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    My Son is recently diagnosed, he had delays in his play skills and major language delays..at 2/3 years..he didn’t point or wave ..ignored us if we called his name…he had lots of quirks, always putting things in his mouth..so we started to get a private diagnosis…as the waiting time is at least 18 months here.. We re just coming to terms with his diagnosis..it’s been a long road but good to know we are on the right track..so much new stuff to learn…it’s like learning a new language..would love to hear others stories/journeys.


    Hi Niamh,
    We have a section on our website about the early signs to watch for to detect autism. Please take a look https://autismconnects.ie/the-early-signs-of-autism-spectrum-disorder
    If you do have concerns it’s good to get them first checked out by your local health nurse.

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