Feeling proud

Feeling proud

We feel so proud today of how far our son has come on since he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder almost a year ago.

He works so hard everyday to be part of a world that he has to make sense of and to learn to do things that others take for granted.

He has started in an early intervention pre-school this week which will be a big change for him but he’s taking it in his stride.

Since his diagnosis from working with his home tutor his concentration, focus and play skills have improved. He has found a new love for ‘Old McDonald has a farm’. He has said some new words and we know he has the potential to say more. The words are all there and will come out when he’s ready. He seems more relaxed which we believe is a result of the occupational therapy programme we are doing with him, and his needs are better met. He finds joint compressions calming. His eye contact is improving. He is growing so much and lots of changes are becoming apparent.

The most heartwarming changes to us are the way he says my mama and dada many times a day and how he takes our hand to bring us closer to him. His favourite thing to do is to sit beside his mama and dada and get hugs. He runs to the door with a big smile after we have been away. He is starting to imitate his older sister. His interactions with others have also improved greatly. He is giving little smiles to the people that are special to him.

He is one of the happiest little boys we have ever met and today we feel so proud.