Covid-19 & Autism. Why it’s a challenge for us right now

Covid-19 & Autism. Why it’s a challenge for us right now

It’s a challenging time for all of us right now due to Covid-19. It is especially challenging for autistic children and their families.

Schools are closed.  With that the challenges are far more complex, intense and demanding for families who have autistic children.

All that progress we worked tirelessly for…those months of progression may now be lost.

Due to change of routine limited access to supports, and therapies regression may also take place.

Regression after all those battles we face to get our children the school, therapists and support/help they need.

Aniexty is at an all time high. Autistic children need routine. This helps them make sense of the world. And reduces their aniexty. With a break in routine the next few weeks and months are going to be full of meltdowns.

With no school, no respite, and being a carer 24/7. This may impact both parents and children’s mental and physical health.

And then there is the food thing. There may be the few particular foods that your child will only eat, or you may need trying to find the right nappies for your teenager and they may not be available.

Sensory wise – it could be incredibly difficult for an autistic child to tolerate getting their hands washed or having to avoid/limit going outdoors. 

Communication may be difficult-if they were unwell and potentially symptomatic they may be unable to communicate this.

Being separated from loved ones could be terrifying for them. Their safe place is gone. If they need to go into hospital noises, lights, enclosed spaces and unfamiliar people are a real fear for some. Sensory overload will take place.

Despite all of this we will get through this for our children. We are strong and resilient. Let’s take this one day at a time.

Below is the link to our blog post about why we are well-equipped to deal with Coronavirus stress.