Autism ID Card information

Autism ID Card information

AsIAm, Ireland’s National Autism Charity, issue Autism ID cards to autistic children and adults. We think this is a great initiative by AsIAm.

These cards can be used when availing of discounts in places that offer them to a carer or someone with additional needs.

For more information on discounts please see the link on our website.

You can apply for your Autism ID card today using the link below.

You will need proof of diagnosis and a photo to complete your application. Photo guidelines are in line with passport photos. They cost €20.

Below is information from their website about the cards:

A basic explanation will be printed on the card, identifying the cardholder as autistic. It will go on to ask for providers presented with the card to support the holder’s needs by being calm, patient and clear. Translations in French and Spanish will feature beneath the English.

The Autism Europe logo will also feature on the card as a helpful aid for cardholders and their families travelling abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the card?

In order to cover the cost of admin, printing and equipment we’ll be issuing a €20 charge.

How long will it take to receive a card?

We’re currently working out shipping estimates. We expect that you will receive your card within 21 days of application.

How long will the cards be valid for?

The Card will be valid for three years for children and five years for adults. Cards will be allocated on an individual basis and will cost €20.00 each for all ages.

What will this card do for the child/adult who has a diagnosis of autism? (e.g. in queues, airports, etc.)

The Card will serve as a proof of diagnosis when interacting with service providers. These include public servants and those working in private businesses. Any supports provided are at the service’s discretion. It does not automatically entitle cardholders and or their companions to discounts or preferential treatment over other customers, though AsIAm is currently in talks with a number of businesses and service providers to provide supports and benefits to cardholders.

What do I need to provide when applying for my card?

In order to be eligible for an Autism ID Card, proof of diagnosis will be required. There will be several forms of acceptable documents for this, such as an assessment report’s front page or a letter from a clinician confirming one’s diagnosis of autism. These may be scanned and uploaded in the initial application. They will be appropriately destroyed as soon as the card is produced and will not be re-used or shared with any third party.

We will also require a picture of the applicant, with guidelines set in the application process.