Autism-Early detection and early intervention

Autism-Early detection and early intervention

As parents we are usually the first to notice early signs of a difference in our child’s language, behaviour or social development, for example a lack of interest in playing with other children or a loss in their language ability.

This can be a worrying time if you notice any developmental delays or have concerns about your child. Often parents don’t know where to turn.

Our road to our son being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder was not straightforward but after he was diagnosed with ASD we found we got a much better understanding of how to support him and his needs.

Essentially, early detection can provide an autistic child with the potential for a better life. Parents of autistic children can learn early on how to help their child improve mentally, emotionally, and physically throughout the developmental stages.

To any parents reading this with concerns about their child’s development or a query of Autism, don’t be afraid to raise your concerns. The soon you get the support your child needs the better.

If you have any concerns as well as going to your health nurse or GP, you can apply for an Assessment of Needs and get a referral to the Early Intervention Team. The assessment of needs will identify your child’s health needs. The assessment will also identify what services are required to meet your child’s needs.

For information regarding the assessment of needs. The link is listed below:

The referralto the Early InterventionTeam can also be made by your GP, physiotherapist, speech therapist, public health nurse, occupational therapist, social worker or any other health care professional. Your child must be under 5 years old at the time of referral.

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