Autism Christmas Gift Ideas

Autism Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s nearly a month til the big day and Autism parents all over the world are wondering what to buy their kids for Christmas. Some children on the spectrum don’t really like to play with toys or may have no interest in even opening presents.

We know what will matter most to our son won’t be the toys. He may not even want to open/play with any of his gifts on Christmas Day and that’s ok. For him it’s all about the time and the attention given to him and quality time spent with his family.

Based on our experience we have put together some gift ideas for Christmas.

1.Calming Gifts-Slow, repetitive motion items are visually engaging and calming.

Bubble fish lamp

Jellyfish Lamp

Light projector

Lava lamp

2.Sensory Gifts

Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline


Bed Tent

Fidget/Chewy toys

Indoor tent


Bath toys

3.Cause and Effect toys

Talking Teddy

Fisher price piggy bank-Our review link is here

Pop-up pets toy-Our review link is here

Sound Puzzles ( Melissa and Doug have a great range)

Spinning top

Xylophone (Little Tykes have a nice one)

4.General/Practical stuff

Puppets, puzzles, blocks, balls, cars/trains and books are a great place to start for all kids. Practical stuff like clothes, bags, cups, favourite treats are great gifts too.

5.Toys to enhance motor skills

Doorbell House-Melissa and Doug

Latches and Lock toy- Melissa and Doug. Our review link is here

Basic skills board-Melissa and Doug

Garden Toys-Outdoor climbing wall/Playground set


Membership/Passes to the Swimming pool, Zoo, Theme Park/Tayto Park and the Aquarium.

Create a sensory space/room.

We’d love to hear your gift ideas below under the comment section or share your thoughts on our Forum. Link to our Forum is below